Live Insite is a human approach to influencing customer behavior.

Stop relying on past data
to make present marketing decisions.


Live Insite delivers real time, in-page data that enables you to discover new, deeper, and richer insights about your customers, allowing you to connect and interact with them from the very first time they visit your site.


Live Insite continuously learns about your site visitors and creates audience segments in real time.


Match your content & ad inventory with a visitor’s interests in their own time frame.


Reap richer, fuller, and more accurate ‘in-page’ data that is both more timely and actionable.

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Live Insite watches what people are viewing and how they interact with the content, identifying the person’s interests, and then targets ads or content to match. All without the viewer having to leave the page, let alone the site.

About Us

Red Wolf Online is a professional services and product development company. We offer low cost, high value productivity tools that impact the marketing, communication and workflow needs of your business. We work closely with our Enterprise clients to help them simplify, improve, and automate their workflow in order to increase productivity.

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“Red Wolf Online is very service oriented, responsive, supportive and willing to invest time, energy, effort to form strong relationships with their clients.”

Barry Dixon, VP, Life Underwriting, Pacific Services Canada Limited


Red Wolf Online is lead by an experienced and accomplished team who work side by side with their customers to solve business problems.


Founder & CTO
David is a world-class innovative technologist that has been creating and architecting widely available and highly scalable enterprise class workflow solutions for over 20 years.


Founder & COO
Paul is the consummate entrepreneur/operator who has led eight companies to market in the last 25 years and brings the expertise of taking a concept through to commercialization.


Jia is our lead programmer, developer, and database architect whose expertise in design, modeling, and optimization makes him on of the top technologist in his field.


Rachel is renowned for her exceptional problem solving skills, fine eye for detail, and brings many years of entrepreneurship to her role heading up communications and training.


Quality Assurance
Miriam leads the software quality assurance and quality control team for Red Wolf Online, leveraging her experience in developing testing plans for data management, interactive web-based distribution systems, and web services.


Keurig is the heart and soul of our operation, not to mention Live Insite’s unofficial mascot. We believe in coffee and the magic that keeps it fresh and on-demand.


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Toronto, Ontario
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New York Office
349 Fifth Avenue, Suite 822
New York, New York

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